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Sharpen your perspective or test your knowledge. Whether you’re a marketer, lender, P&L manager, strategist, innovator or CEO take the Linkham challenge and check out the questions below.
What resonates with you?
  1. The 9 essential metrics to manage any affluent card portfolio and why being spend-centric matters?

  2. The 5 characteristics of global high-performance portfolios and how you compare?

  3. The only 3 ways to segment everything, what they’re good for and what they’re not?

  4. The 1% of customers that can make or break your business?

  5. The 7 fundamentals of consumer behaviour every marketer should know?

  6. How to find out what people really think, why they do what they do and why they buy what they buy?

  7. Why and how you should spend 80% of your loyalty budget in the first 3 months of the lifecycle?

  8. The difference between satisfied, loyal and engaged customers and how to get there?

  9. Why status matters and
    how to get it?

  10. The 3 universal unmet needs and the 3 key under-served segments in the marketplace?


  1. How premiumisation can multiply your portfolio value tenfold?

  2. How to build new revenue streams beyond interchange and spread revenue?

  3. Your cost of goods?  9 out of 10 issuers pay too much for benefits and don’t know how to leverage the value chain.

  4. The current and potential net income of your customers? 80% of issuers do not know the net income of their portfolios, which customers gain or lose them money and which have the most potential for profit.

  5. The ROI of your marketing and loyalty investments?

  6. Why most issuers only ever get industry average usage?

  1. The secret of how to halve the time and double the quality of your product development efforts?

  2. Where to get new free investment and resources for your card business right now?

  3. The ready sources of new premium value and the hidden value sitting in your products?

  4. How to make merchant deals work and stop wasting time and money on mundane ‘me-too’ offers?

  5. The easy way to get affluent customers to pay annual fees?

  6. How to engineer customer experiences that will keep them coming back for more?

  7. How innovative companies do it and keep on doing it and how you can do it?

  8. How to reduce the costs and increase the value of your rewards program simultaneously?

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